MediaInfo 20.03


MediaInfo provides easy access to technical and tag information about video and audio files.

  • Read many video and audio file formats
  • View information in different formats (text, tree)
  • Export information as text
  • Graphical user interface, command line interface, or library (.dll/.so/.dylib) versions available
  • Integrate with the shell (drag-and-drop, and Context menu)

What's New Version 20.03

  • AC-4 full featured support (presentations, groups, substreams)
  • MPEG-H 3D Audio basic support
  • MPEG-TS: audio preselection descriptor support
  • Dolby Vision v2 detection
  • MPEG-4: support of colr/nclx (color information) box
  • URL encoding option fixes, permitting to use URL encoded or non URL encoded links
  • AAC: fix SBR frequency when in ADIF
  • DPX: ColorimetricSpecification and TransferCharacteristic were inverted
  • Several crash and memory leaks fixes