DEVONthink Pro 3.5.1


DEVONthink is DEVONtechnologies’ document and information management solution. It supports a large variety of file formats and stores them in a database enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI). Many document formats can be directly viewed, edited, and annotated. A powerful search language finds documents in an instant, smart groups keep them always at hand.

Sophisticated organization tools, AI-based techniques that handle even the largest collections, and numerous integration options make DEVONthink the work environment of choice for researchers, lawyers, and educators. Smart rules, flexible reminders, and deep AppleScript support allow automating even complex repeating tasks. And with its fast, reliable, and secure synchronization users keep their data available on all their Macs. DEVONthink To Go for iPad and iPhone completes the DEVONthink ecosystem.

  • Keeps your data together
  • Scans your paper
  • Archives your email
  • Assists you with A.I.
  • Syncs your data securely
  • Automates repeating tasks
  • Lets you share your data

What's New Version 3.5.1

  • Added optional record parameter to the log message AppleScript command to log records which can be easily revealed via the contextual menu in the Log window.
  • Added a new AppleScript command get favicon of to retrieve the favicon from HTML input.
  • Added a new smart rule script Add Favicons to add the favicon to bookmarks and RSS feeds.
  • The size of text in the Table of Contents inspector, the Comments field of the Annotations & Reminders inspector, and the Details field of the Document > Annotations inspector now use Preferences > General > Appearance > View Text Size.
  • Custom annotation templates in the Tools > Inspectors > Annotations & Reminders inspector now support placeholders, e.g., %recordURL% or %mdlanguage%. This allows the annotation file to contain metadata from the original file, when present.
  • Improved the dark mode appearance of links in sheets.
  • Edit > Copy Item Link now supports multiple items.
  • Clicking on groups, local smart groups, or feeds in the Favorites section of the Navigate sidebar now updates the active database section of the sidebar. Pressing Shift-Return on a selected favorite document also can be used to switch the active database.
  • Switching databases via the Navigate sidebar restores the previous main view selection.
  • You can again close databases via Control-clicking the Inbox or Tags groups in the Navigate sidebar when using unified inboxes or tags.
  • The Reading List now can be sorted via drag-and-drop.
  • More consistent appearance of the tabs of the Sorter.
  • The Take Note tab of the Sorter now uses the spelling, grammar checking, and substitution options of Preferences > Editing.
  • Quoting input, e.g,. "test", in the Go > Go To and Data > Move To utility popovers can be used to disable the fuzzy search and search for items containing the substring
  • After showing the Tags filter, the filter field gets the focus to easily type the desired tags.
  • A warning is now logged to the Log window or Log popover after opening a database having a UUID that is identical to the one of an already opened database, e.g., after duplicating databases in the Finder.
  • The tooltip of the toolbar button for the Log popover shows the number of new or all messages.
  • Faster updating of Spotlight index and Finder tags.
  • Improved VoiceOver support of the sidebar and List view.
  • With Markdown documents, non-rendered words are no longer indexed. For existing documents, this requires reimporting the files or rebuilding the database to ensure the index is accurate.
  • Improved handling of pending indexed files located on unmounted volumes.
  • Inactive windows displaying web content aren't updated anymore to improve the performance and reduce battery usage.
  • A warning is now logged on startup if an incompatible AdobePDFViewer.plugin or ClickToFlash.webplugin is detected.
  • Improved reliability of the Clip to DEVONthink background task which is now automatically stopped if it no longer responds, e.g., due to WebKit issues.
  • Improved the performance of thumbnailing.
  • Improved RSS handling can be faster, reduce bandwidth, and is now more compatible to certain feeds, e.g., Google Alerts.
  • Updated Prism support includes bash.
  • Updated the Check Links and Download Bibliographic Metadata smart rule scripts to use the extended log message AppleScript command. In addition, the Check Links script doesn't replicate the items anymore as they now can be found and revealed via the Log window.
  • Retrieving all properties of a record via AppleScript doesn't include dynamically calculated properties, e.g., document dates, amount, name or digital object identifier, or contents, e.g., the source, plain or rich text, cells or columns, image, thumbnail, etc. These properties can be retrieved separately. This improves performance when getting the base properties of a record.
  • Improved overall reliability and performance.
Improved (Pro)
  • Improved OCR performance for faster document loading. Also Preferences > OCR now has a Resolution setting to set the DPI of the image layer (between 150 and 300 dpi) in the resulting PDF.
  • Improved error handling when archiving email.
Improved (Sync)
  • Improved multi-threading and automatic Dropbox retry handling in case of rate limiting errors (HTTP 429).
  • Improved handling of sync host identifier.
  • In main windows, interacting with PDFs having a table of contents while the Table of Contents inspector was visible could cause a crash in macOS El Capitan. Fixed.
  • Certain links, e.g., email addresses weren't retained when a sheet was converted to PDF. Fixed.
  • Fixed a Table of Contents inspector issue with Markdown documents beginning or ending with a code block.
  • The state of the active database pane when using non-unified databases wasn't restored after switching to other sidebar tabs and back. Fixed.
  • Selecting a favorite group in the Navigate sidebar could not be used to update the current search scope. Fixed.
  • The current selection wasn't always visible after changing the sorting of List or Columns view. Fixed.
  • Highlights of PDF documents in the Document > Annotations inspector displayed incorrectly in macOS Catalina. Fixed.
  • Changing the search scope from the current group to the current databases via the search bar no longer worked. Fixed.
  • Automatic thumbnailing replaced custom icons of some file types, e.g., formatted notes and movies. Fixed.
  • Clicking on links in web views, e.g., bookmarks or web archives always opened in the system default browser. Fixed.
  • Clipping our Discourse forums could cause the print dialog to automatically appear when the clipped files were accessed. Fixed.
  • When using facing pages with PDFs, the contextual menu commands Rotate Right, Rotate Left, and Copy Page Link did not always use the selected page. Fixed.
  • The menu item Tools > Inspectors > Info > Generic was always disabled in the Standard edition. Fixed.
  • The title of the group selector showed an incorrect format when clipping from DEVONagent to DEVONthink. Fixed.
  • New groups created via the Navigate sidebar's action or contextual menus were not always immediately renamable. Fixed.
  • Conversion of rich text to HTML, including website export and the web interface (Pro), didn't always retain the text color. Fixed.
  • An anchored search in PDF documents didn't work property, e.g., after opening item links using the search parameter and a string starting or ending with separators. Fixed.
  • Clicking on the inbox in the Location section of the Info inspector didn't work when using unified inboxes. Fixed.
  • Empty folders were not deleted on import when moving the files into the database, e.g., after Command-drop or enabling the Move to Trash option in File > Import > Files and Folders. Fixed.
  • Excluding an ordinary tag from searching also excluded the tagged files from search. Only groups now inherit the exclusion. Fixed.
  • Using the search prefix Aliases in the toolbar search field, e.g., aliases==test, didn't work. Fixed.
  • The Search inspector had a few minor glitches. Fixed.
  • Toggling the Unify Inboxes and Unify Tags preferences didn't immediately update the active database section of the sidebar. Fixed.
  • Notifications after clipping web pages weren't added to macOS' notification center anymore. Fixed.
  • The Width and Height columns in the List view were sometimes truncated. Fixed.
  • After adding many actions to a smart rule, the size of the smart rule editor wasn't limited to the current screen. Fixed.
  • The automatic installation from the disk image could temporarily freeze and show a Finder alert on macOS Catalina. Fixed.
  • Handling of the .dtSparse extension of encrypted databases was case-sensitive in some cases. Fixed.
  • Encrypted databases may be unmounted by macOS Catalina when backing up to a networked volume. Encrypted databases are now excluded from Time Machine while in use.
  • Trying to retrieve the digital object identifier (DOI) from items without text, e.g., bookmarks or groups, caused an exception. Fixed.
  • Auto-classification used with very large documents or databases caused a delay of the contextual and action menus. Fixed.
  • The On Creation smart rule event wasn't triggered when creating files via templates. Fixed.
  • Exporting only one item as a template didn't export URL, tags, comments, or custom metadata. Fixed.
  • The AppleScript commands to create, update, or delete thumbnails were also applied incorrectly to the children of groups or feeds. Fixed.
  • Retrieving all properties of a database via AppleScript doesn't always create an annotations group anymore.
  • Retrieving all properties of the application via AppleScript doesn't display the group selector anymore.
Fixed (Pro)
  • Rich text custom metadata fields in the Info > Custom inspector appeared incorrectly in macOS Mojave and Catalina. Fixed.
  • The window title and pre-filled entries of the Metadata panel after OCR didn't show the correct data. Fixed.
  • OCR didn't retain the URL of the original item. Fixed.
  • Broken mailboxes without a name in Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook sometimes caused a rare crash in the Import > Email sidebar. Fixed.
Fixed (Sync)
  • Dropbox connections sometimes stalled. Fixed.
  • Rare freeze of Bonjour sync after network issues, e.g., dropped connections. Fixed.