Thumbtack is a menu-bar utility that provides quick and easy access to the most recently saved bookmarks in your Pinboard account. It was developed around one core feature, allowing it be polished, reliable, and extremely efficient.

You don’t have to be a Pinboard power-user to enjoy the benefits of having a Pinboard account. The Pinboard service is great at storing bookmarks to webpages for quick access at a later time. Thumbtack caters to that notion by simply providing immediate access to the 15 most recent items in your account directly from the menu bar. It uses very little memory while running, and only accesses the network when the menu bar icon is clicked. This ensures that not only is Thumbtack quick and responsive, but it will never monopolize your computer’s resources.

  • Quick access to your recent Pinboard items
  • Conveniently located in the menu bar
  • Very lightweight
  • Bandwidth efficient
  • Securely saves credentials in your keychain
  • Specifically designed for OS X 10.7 Lion
  • Easy to use and it will save you time!

What's New Version 2.3

  • Adds Shift+Tab to move focus back up to the search field
  • Tab still moves the cursor from the search field down to the results
  • Adds Up arrow to also move focus back up to the search field
  • Down key is also available to move from search field down to results
  • Adds Left arrow to open Quicklook window
  • Adds Right arrow to launch the selected URL
  • Fixes search field not being first responder in some situations