OpenCore Configurator 2.4.0


OpenCore Configurator easy to install for generating OpenCore EFI configuration files.

From the ashes of Ozmosis Configurator, a new application is born….. OpenCore Configurator like as Clover Configurator will help you create custom configuration files for the OpenCore EFI bootloader via a streamlined graphical interface.

What's New Version 2.4.0

  • OpenCore 0.5.9 supported
  • Removed DirectGopCacheMode key in UEFI -> Output properties [available only for OC 0.5.9 development version]
  • Replaced RequestBootVarFallback with DeduplicateBootOrder key in UEFI -> Quirks [available only for OC 0.5.9 development version]
  • Replaced Block with Delete key in ACPI, DeviceProperties and NVRAM section [available only for OC 0.5.9 development version]
  • Added possibility to Import/Export set of patches in Acpi -> Patches and Kernel -> Patches properties or Import/Export set of kexts from plist in Kernel -> Add properties [Thanks to btwise for your suggestion]