Transfer 1.2.1


Transfer is a reliable and fully RFC-compliant TFTP server application. The perfect alternative to the built-in TFTP server on your Mac. It’s got everything you expect: real-time updates of current transfers in progress, support for broadcast requests, transfer history and basic root directory access control and file management. A feature rich TFTP server with a simple and modern user interface.

Written from the ground up, Transfer offers total control of your file transfers while playing nicely with existing TFTP clients.

  • Real time updates of current transfers in progress
  • Basic file management of the root TFTP directory
  • Support for broadcast transfer requests
  • Support for common TFTP extensions and options
  • Transfer history

What's New Version 1.2.1

Note: In macOS 10.14.5 and older, the firewall must be disabled for Transfer to successfully accept incoming requests

  • Fixes compatibility with the macOS firewall on macOS 10.14.6 and higher