Reeder 4.2.5


Reeder is back, now with support for multiple services like:

  • Feedbin
  • Feedly
  • Feed Wrangler
  • Fever
  • FeedHQ
  • Inoreader
  • NewsBlur
  • Minimal Reader
  • The Old Reader
  • BazQux Reader
  • Readability

Don’t want to use a third-party service? Reeder now also supports local/standalone RSS (no sync).

Other features:
  • Themes
  • Gestures
  • Customizable shortuts
Sharing services:
  • Safari Reading List
  • Read
  • Buffer
  • Readability
  • Instapaper
  • Pocket
  • Evernote
  • MarsEdit
  • Pinboard
  • Delicious
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Messages
  • Mail

A note regarding the sync services: There’s currently no support for service specific features, except for Feed Wrangler (limited Smart Folders support) and Fever (limited Hot Links support).

What's New Version 4.2.5

  • Option to automatically hide and show toolbars in the article viewer (disabled by default, see Settings → Reading)
  • It’s now possible to delete Read Later articles using the keyboard (“delete” key)
  • Memory usage
  • General performance improvements
  • Article not opening when “Automatic Reader View” is enabled
  • Empty article viewer
  • Context menu placement
  • UI freezes for accounts with a lot of articles
  • Issues with searching in the article list
  • Potential crash on start
  • Local/RSS: Not finishing syncing
  • Local/RSS: Missing dates
  • Local/RSS: Missing images
  • Various other minor bugfixes