Firefox 80.0.1


Firefox offers a fast, safe Web browsing experience. Browse quickly, securely, and effortlessly. With its industry-leading features, Firefox is the choice of Web development professionals and casual users alike.

Mozilla Firefox for Mac is a versatile and feature-packed browser with advanced security features that can hide shared user activity and has customizable privacy settings that protect your system from unwanted tracking and harmful software.

Mozilla Firefox is perfect for casual searches as well as more complex queries.

You no longer need an app or extension to take screenshots because when you download Firefox for Mac you get a brand new capture tool that captures any part of a webpage and makes images available for download online.

Faster and Better

Since the release of Quantum is now twice as fast as its predecessors and needs 30% less memory than its main competitor Chrome.

Clean Interface

Firefox interface is intuitive to use with tools and features that are easy to locate.

The dashboard-style homepage offers access to:

  • Different search bars
  • Downloads
  • Bookmarks
  • History
  • Synchronization across devices and platforms
  • Add-ons
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Customizable page layouts
  • Advanced saving options
  • Brand new screen capturing tool
  • Facebook container extension – separate activity on Facebook from other web activities.
  • Enhanced and customizable privacy tracking protection settings could slow down browsing speeds, but protects your privacy.
  • Protect your computer from malware and harmful software
  • Lockbox Password manager for password-free login
  • Firefox Monitor, check, and set alerts for any email breaches.
  • Run Firefox in Safe Mode
  • Backup your Firefox Profile
  • Site optimization for a smooth browsing experience
  • Tiled history: a tiled display of the sites you’ve visited lately
  • Session Restore

What's New Version 80.0.1

  • A performance regression when encountering new intermediate CA certificates (bug 1661543)
  • Crashes possibly related to GPU resets (bug 1627616)
  • Rendering on some sites using WebGL (bug 1659225)
  • The zoom-in keyboard shortcut on Japanese language builds (bug 1661895)
  • Download issues related to extensions and cookies (bug 1655190)
  • Developer Information