3D LUT Creator 1.5.2


In order not to enter into technical elements that would make the understanding of what a LUT very dense we can begin by understanding what these acronyms correspond to. The name of LUT comes from the English acronym of the same name that means “Look up table”, table of consultation or consultation of color, and that, so simple and complicated at the same time, is in fact a LUT.
When we shoot or photograph something, we do it in a certain color space. In the case of photography usually RGB or sRGB, sRGB REC709 Digital Video (HDTV) and if it is in cinema we usually work with logarithmic curves.

What the application offers us more, covers creative, albeit related, very different needs.

Photographers, the program is suitable for color correction, primary and secondary, and as creative effect.
Videographers and Colorists, will see the possibility of being able to save their settings in LUT, .3dl, .cube, .csv files, so that they can be used between different platforms and this, done in a very simple way. Save a frame of the video, cut it, generate the LUT and apply it to all the clips in the sequence as easily.
Designers and creatives, thanks to their simplicity of use with 3D LUT Creator will be able to work the color of the images in a way never seen before. Things as incredible as extracting the color of a particular photo and applying it to any other by generating a preset. Achieve a degree of perfection in color adjustment thanks to its curved matrix not possible in other situations and export the result as a Lightroom preset, etc.

What does 3D LUT offer us? Because the possibility of extracting the color adjustments of a photo and applying them to our image in a few 3 steps, incredible, no? We have located the photo we saw on the internet and now what we want is to match its color in our shot.

What's New Version 1.5.2

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